We'll take a quick look at the different books Harold Seymour wrote during his lifetime.

First Volume, Baseball : The Early Years

early years

The first book of a series of three books recalling baseball's history starts with the creation of the sport and its earliest play in the United States of America. Harold dives deep into baseball's development fully, with the sport going from being an amateur pastime to a clear professional sport. The author takes a precise look at the establishment of the baseball commission in 1903. This book is also known as the exact Ph.D Harold Seymour wrote to become a doctor in history, it has been revised a couple of times in recent years.

This book was published in 1960 and became a real success about 20 to 30 years later due to the explosion of the sport and the love of the game in general.

Second Volume, Baseball : The Golden Age

To continue his series, Harold Seymour decided to write a second volume covering the development of the major leagues, the creations of the clubs, and the development of the players until 1930. The author dives deep into a lot of different subjects, as well as historic moments and baseball events. Its chapter about the Black Sox Scandal in 1919 is one of Harold Seymour's most known chapters.

The book was published in 1971, more than 10 years after the first of the serie.

golden age

Third and last Volume, Baseball : The People's Game

people's game

To end his masterpiece, Harold Seymour decided to explain the full story of the beautiful sport. The author tells America's whole story about the growth of amateur baseball. He dives into the sport played in schools, in colleges, in women's communities, in prisons as well as segregation with black baseball clubs and baseball leagues. Harold Seymour even discusses the different leagues such as industrial leagues and indian schools.

Harold Seymour published Baseball : The People's Game, his third and last volume and therefore finished his life work in 1990, 30 years after releasing the first volume.